Air Show Conference Exhibition

18 September 2017 – 5th Air show, conference & exhibition

Unmanned Systems Air Show

Experience Unmanned Systems Live, in Action

Conference attended by Israel’s top figures, major generals and senior defense industry officials

Live and rich display and show of numerous presenters of land, air and naval unmanned autonomous systems

A massive exhibition of manufacturers, integrators and subcontractors, all presenting advanced operational capabilities.

former events’ participants were all of the same mind: the Conference and airshow were groundbreaking, “the event was on par with major international events such as the Paris Airshow”. Israel’s business daily Globes reported as follows. 2017, which is scheduled for September 18, has the major UAS market players showcasing their cutting edge innovations. 2017 features flights and live performance demonstrations of the most advanced UASs. Exclusive unveilings: 2017 airshow and Conference will unveil to industry experts technological innovations never before seen, including unmanned air systems, smart systems and C4I devices.
Following the success of former Conferences , this year’s 2017 was expanded to include the technological and operational envelope part of the industry, complete with dedicated arrays, materials, propulsion systems, C4I systems as well as unique data security innovations. International coverage: the 2017 live airshow and fair will have international media exposure as they will be covered by dozens of channels in Israel and worldwide – major TV networks, professional reporters and leading HLS and AUS websites. 2017 – live broadcasts from the air: huge monitors will show incoming live broadcasts and footage direct from the UASs, their observation and surveillance devices and their command and control systems.

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